How firm and how thick is the Somno Mattress?

The mattress is 9.75” thickness and is the perfect combination of soft on top with a supportive firmness underneath.

Where is the Somno Mattress made?

It is made in Concord, Canada, just north of Toronto.

What type of materials is the Somno Mattress made of?

The foams of the Somno mattress are CertiPUR-US® certified. The top layer is Serene memory foam which dissipates body heat and the two supporting layers are both.

How much does the Somno Mattress weigh?

Twin – 36lbs
Double – 50lbs
Queen – 60lbs
King – 77lbs

Will I feel any motion transfer on the Somno Mattress?

No. The memory foam layering of the mattress isolates movement on the mattress.

How much weight can the Somno Mattress hold?

The Somno mattress works best for individuals under 260 lbs.

How do I unbox my Somno?

  1. Lay the box on its side in the room where your mattress will reside. Remove the bagged mattress from the box.
  2. Cut the plastic bag with scissors (do NOT use a knife), making sure not to cut the inner clear plastic bag.
  3. Roll out the compressed mattress on the foundation/box.
  4. Carefully cut open the inner plastic bag along the edges. The mattress instantly begins to decompress. Remove the bag.
  5. Allow the mattress to fully expand for 20-30 minutes, or up to 48 hours.

How do I return my Somno Mattress?

For returns please contact Somno directly at 855-725-8977 or

What happens to the mattress when it’s returned?

The mattress is donated to a local charity where applicable.

What is your exchange policy?

If you aren’t satisfied with your Somno Mattress, we will issue you a full refund, within 101 days – that’s our 101 Night Guarantee!

How much does shipping cost?

Free shipping and handling!

Where do you ship?

Anywhere in Canada… so far!

How long does it take to be delivered?

Between 2-5 business days

Do you need to flip the mattress?

No, however we recommend rotating the mattress (switching sides) every 3 months

How do I clean my mattress?

Spot clean with mild soap and warm water. We recommend a mattress protector for additional protection.

How do I protect my mattress?

Somno recommends using a mattress protector to keep dust mites, dead skin and stains from the mattress.

Will my mattress form dents over time?

No, but if it does we have a 10 year limited warranty covering indentation greater than two inches.

What bed frame or base can I use with my Somno Mattress?

Any type of frame, whether it’s a platform, adjustable frame or a box spring! However slats or support beams on the frame or foundation should be no greater than two inches between to avoid damage.

Any Questions?

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